There’s a rooftop revolution underway in Australia, with homeowners and businesses increasingly asking solar energy companies to install panels on their roofs. As a result, more than 2.5 million of the country’s 13 million households now enjoy the benefits of lower bills thanks to their solar energy solution.

Impressive as these numbers are, the future is even brighter – with the Australian Energy Market Operator forecasting solar to supply a quarter of the nation’s energy needs by 2040.

But choosing the right solar power company to design and install your energy-efficient solution can be a daunting task, as – unfortunately – there are some shady solar energy companies about.

You want a reliable, trustworthy solar energy company that combines professionalism, expertise, passion, and customer service in spades. Even better, they should offer a range of innovative, energy-efficient solutions that can increase your independence from the energy market.

So, if you’re looking for a solar power company that ticks all these boxes, the good news is your search is over!

A Solar Energy Company Lighting the Way  

 At Crystal Solar Energy, our focus has always been on providing you with the very best in solar tech from AAA-rated panels to advanced solar battery solutions that can reduce your dependence on the grid. You get to save money while doing your bit for the planet too – a win-win in anyone’s book.

But we’re not a solar power company that’s content to rest on its laurels. Rather, we’re lighting the way in the industry by always being at the forefront of exciting and innovative development in sustainable tech.

Like air-to-water generators (AWG), which can make clean drinking water out of thin air, and solar-powered brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) units, which desalinate salty water in an earth-friendly manner.

Given Australia’s dry climate (which is only forecast to get worse), we believe using technology like this can make us all less reliant on rainfall, preserving those critical freshwater supplies.

Clean Solar Energy Solutions Which don’t Pollute the Planet

The downside of Australia’s booming solar power industry is the ticking time bomb of solar panel waste. While there are no definite numbers of how many old panels end up in landfills each year, experts predict solar waste could reach 1,500 kilotons by 2050.

That’s equivalent to 1.5 million elephants.

Even worse, the chemicals in the dumped solar panels can leech out and pollute precious groundwater supplies.

As a passionate solar energy company, we believe that’s concerning. So we offer a comprehensive solar panel recycling service to reduce, as much as possible, these potentially harmful effects on the environment.

Solar panel recycling can also conserve the supplies of the finite resources used to manufacturer the panels.

Looking for the best solar power company in Melbourne? Our innovative energy-efficient solutions and solar energy solutions can help you save money. Speak to the experts at Crystal Solar Energy today by calling 1300 756 634, emailing, or filling in this online form