AWG – Air to Water Generators

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It is corecast that drinking water will only satisfy aound 60% of the global demand and much lesser in developing nations. Many sectors such as Water uitilities, Manufactring, Healthcare could be affected.

Crystal Solar is offering a simple but proven technology – Air to Water Generation – AWG in short.

Air holds up to 30g of water / kg of air. AWG units can harvest up to 80% of this water*. This is done by drawing large volumes of air that are filtered and preconditioned for saturation, compressed and cooled below dew point to collect the water. The dry air is vented back into atmosphere.

Worldwide humidity is increasing: for every degree rise in temperature (oC) increase in global warming results in 6-7% rise in relative humidity.

  • Modular design : can be located in distributed manner.
  • Meets WHO quality standards for drinking water.
  • Can be expanded to 5000 a liter capacity
  • Very cost effective solution.

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