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Commercial Solar Panels





Commercial Solar Power System Installations

If you are looking for a Solar PV installation on your commercial property, you have a trusted partner. With years of experience in installing solar PV systems from 10 kW above to 100 kW Crystal Solar Energy can provide you a reliable solar solution for your business. Installing solar PV on commercial property will maximise the use of solar PV generated electricity for your business and  minimise the use of grid power, saving your money. Our experience in understanding your electricity needs during the day, design, analysis and installation of commercial solar PV puts us in the forefront of commercial solar PV installing companies. This ensures you get the best solar PV solution for your business. Investing in Solar PV for business is a good financial committment that reaps you big benefits. There are many aspects to be considered in installting a commercial solar pv. At Crystal Solar Energy, we ensure that all these aspects are addressed and you can focus on running your business.

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Financing commercial solar pv is one of the biggest challenges for a business in installing solar PV. Our partnership with Energy Ease, Australian Sustainability Fund will assist your financing an effortless affair. You have a choice of Chattel Mortage, Rental Agreement or even pay your solar system off by a rates notice. You do not have to pay upfront. You could choose an payment term of up to 84 months! This is a Cash positive option.


Power Purchse Agreement A long-term contract to purchase electricity generated by a solar panel system installed at your premises. Electricity is charged at agreed prices for the contract term (7-30 years). This is suitable for companies who need to install large (over 100kW) or multiple solar systems at different sites. Benefits: there is No upfront payment, no maintenance or monitioring. All taken care of by the PPA provider.

Pre Approval:

All solar PV installations over 30 kW rated inverter power must be approved by you DNSP (Distributed Network Service Provider) Approvals allow the installation the solar PV system and export surplus electricity generated by PV system to the grid. Electricity exported to grid fetch you a feed in tariff (FIT). While FIT is a bounus income, our advise is to ensure you install the optimum size solar pv system, which will provide electricity to during the solar day and minimise the use of the grid power. This saves you more money than the FIT. Also, FIT is set by the State Government and has dropped significantly over last few years.

Export Control:

Your DNSP (Distributed Network Service Provider) determines how much of electricity you can export to the grid generated by you solar pv system. This depends on many factors. Crystal Solar Energy liaises with your DNSP on maximum export. If DNSP has an export  control in the contract, additional metering systems have to be installed to comply with this requirement. Our experience in Commercial Solar PV installations we can provide you the best solution, that is acceptable to your DNSP, saving you the time and paperwork


Your DNSP (Distributed Network Service Provider) may have a testing requirement for your solar PV installation (over 30kW). The testing ensures that the Solar PV System meets their requirements in relation to safety, integrity of the system. Crystal Solar Energy will organise various testing regimes required by DNSP thus ensuring you own a safe solar system.

Small-scale Technology Certificates

Small scale PV systems (under 100kW) are entitled to claim the STC for the installation. When a solar system is installed, a calculation can be done to confirm how many STC’s will be created over the life of your solar system, which is effectively a measure of the renewable energy generation from your system.

Solar system installation companies typically offer an up-front discount equal to the value they can get when they sell the STC’s. This means these STCs for your system are being handed over by you to the solar system installation company in lieu of some of the payment for the system. Hence your upfront cost of solar pv installation is reduced.

Deeming Period in years

Year system installed Deeming Period in years
2021 10
2022 9
2023 8
2024 7
2025 6
2026 5
2027 4
2028 3
2029 2
2030 1

Feed in Tariff:

The Feed In Tariff is set by the Essential Services Commission of Victoria. The minimum FIT is set at 6.7 cents/ kWh exported. For further details on Feed in Tariff, visit


Commercial Solar Power Installation

At Crystal Solar Energy, we specialise in the supply and installation of solar panels and can cater to all your requirements for commercial solar solutions. Over the years, we have provided commercial solar installation services to various companies and enabled them to lower their energy bills. With our services, you can efficiently power your business and lower the dependence on the grid. If you have been looking for a trusted provider of solar energy solutions, look no further. Connect with us and we will be happy to suggest the best solar power solution.

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We have worked with companies from different sectors and have a thorough understanding of the commercial solar solutions that will yield the best results. We understand that requirements vary and our consultative approach has ensured that the best power solutions are offered to our clients. We will begin by carrying out an assessment to get an understanding of the energy needs of your business. Accordingly, we will go ahead with the most appropriate and high-quality solar panel that offers unparalleled performance.


Commercial Solar Power

There are various benefits of installing commercial solar panels for businesses. Solar power has emerged as the fastest-growing energy source and can be an asset for a company. By installing solar panels, you can lower your energy bills, secure your business from rising energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. It gives you control over your energy costs and you can switch to a greener and cleaner energy source. If you are keen to reduce the environmental impact and contribute towards building a sustainable future, solar energy is right for you.

Commercial Solar Installation

We have an experienced team and are well-positioned to assist you with every aspect of solar power services. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our professionals will keep you informed at every step of the way.At Crystal Solar Energy, we wish to make this transition absolutely seamless for you and provide a comprehensive range of services. With our exceptional design and installation services, you can be sure of long-term returns. We are committed to delivering quality and cost-effective solutions so that you can make the most out of the installation. We will ensure that your business is equipped with a solar power installation that will offer the best power generation.

Commercial Solar Solutions

In case you are looking for a reliable solar power company, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. You can rely on us to get the finest installation services for optimal results. We understand that you may have doubts and are always here to help you. If you would like to find out more about our solar panels and installation services and how your business can benefit, reach out to us. Call ustoday to find out more. You can even use our online form to get a get a free quote