As an Australian-owned and operated company, Haines Hunter boats are the result of extensive research and development based on an intimate understanding of Australian water and weather conditions. Haines Hunter has a deserved reputation as the most respected fibreglass boat brand in the Southern Hemisphere. Creating Australia’s greatest boats is second nature for Haines Hunter, with their award winning construction methods.

The company is a high electricity user, due to the nature of the business – Luxury boat building. Haines Hunter contacted Crystal Solar Energy to provide a sustainable solar PV solution to reduce the high electricity bills and in lower the emission.

PV SYSTEM SIZE : 86 kW (200 x Longi Solar 430 Watt Solar Panels)

Inverters: 3 x FRONIUS ECO 27KW 3PH

Annual Generation: 94,180 kWh

Estimated Savings: $40,752 (97% Self Self Sufficiency from September 2020)