Solar Panel Recycling

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Battery Storage coupled with Solar PV systems can save significant money for your homes.

Most of the power consumption in homes are during the evening since the occupants are at work during the day. A battery storage will enhance your savings in electricity by providing the power after sun hours. Battery size has to be carefully designed, taking various power consumption scenarios for your home. A well designed battery storage complimenting your solar pv will pay significant savings in your electricity bills.

Crystal Solar Energy adopts a methodical approach in assessing the best sized solar pv system for homes or businesses.

We pay due diligent in our approach and take into account:

  • You electricity bill.
  • When you use your electricity most (we advise you to provide an interval data).
  • Size of the PV system that will suit your requirement.
  • Size of and orientation of your roof .
  • Size of battery storage (kWh).
  • Battery Chemistry (LiFePO4, LiMnC etc).

A well designed solar PV system with battery storage for homes would pay itself off in around 6 years and depends on many factors. Crystal Solar Energy does a detailed analysis and provides a comprehensive proposal, which will includes details such as the solar pv layout on your roof, PV power generation over 12 months, battery discharge, battery life, longevity, your average savings in a year, cost of installation and the ROI, energy typically exported to the grid.

Clean Energy Council has valuable information on battery storage:

We have installed many battery storage systems in Victoria and have demonstrated that battery storagre can save significatn savings.Contact us for an obligation free advice, assessment.

Contact us for an obligation free advice, assessment.