Street lights are considered to be the single largest emissions source from local governments. Choosing to have traditional steel lights replaced with solar-powered street lights in Australia, will significantly reduce costs as well as pollutants at the same time. Countries like Australia that enjoy the natural light of the sun for longer duration can benefit from solar public lightings which can be set up in any place, irrespective of the connection with the gird. Solar-powered led lights can be reliable, cheap and highly cost-efficient and low maintenance street lights option for any local councils. Solar led street lights with sensors or cameras will enhance the safety aspect with continuous monitoring and well-lit streets. Adopting solar-powered street lights in Australia has many benefits for the people as well as the local council. 1. Clean Energy: Solar energy is the perfect path toward clean energy initiatives in Australia. The abundant sunlight makes it convenient to move towards solar led street lights. Solar energy is green, renewable and is available in plenty, that can help towards reducing the nation’s carbon footprint. The state of Victoria is leading in the number of councils that have already adopted solar led street lights to reduce their council expenses toward street lighting. 2. Mobility: Solar public lighting offers flexibility when it comes to where it can be installed. Since there is no dependency on the grid, a solar led street light can be installed anywhere. Solar-powered street lights in Australia need not be limited to usage as public lighting alone. Independent house owners can also enjoy luminous driveways and all night bright fencing lights by installed solar led lights. It will not only reduce the cost of your exterior lighting, but it will also help keep your perimeter secure with brightly lit solar led lights in Melbourne. 3. Low Maintenance: Once properly installed, solar led lights can function without intrusion for a very long time. The batteries might need to be replaced every 5-7 years, and an occasional dirty part might need to be cleaned. On the whole, solar-powered LED lights are low maintenance and contribute towards its cost-effectiveness.

Solar Powered LED Street Lights in Australia

Welcome to our new Solar Powered LED street lights in Australia, with 4G enabled HD Camera. There are many times we encounter situations like trespassing, break-in, theft, damage, and even attacks in public places. These solar public lighting in Melbourne will keep the city well lit with sustainable solar LED street lights and safe with the HD Camera monitoring system. CSE’s New Solar-Powered LED Street Lights in Melbourne; 1. Solar Powered LED Street light with LITHIUM BATTERY. 2. 5 Day Battery Storage. 3. Solar LED street lights with CCTV camera – HD Camera with PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) function. 4. 4G Compatible. 5. 5X zoom function. 6. Remote viewing and camera adjustment via APP. 7. Fully Monitored System on a PC. 8. Realtime video viewing. 9. Recorded playback is available. 10. 256 GB Micro SD card slots for daily/weekly recording. 11. Multiple cameras can be added to the monitoring platform. Call us to help you with choosing the right solar LED street lights for you.