courtesy of Glen Morris – real photo of a city near Japan
Want to harness solar power and gain energy independence? At Crystal Solar Energy, we provide Solar PV Layout, Design, Analysis, Return on Investment and installation services across Australia. We use advanced software to do the analysis and provide you the most accurate results. We wish to make your entire experience seamless and you can count on us for sustainable solutions. You can contact our experienced solar professionals for any queries you may have. Visit the Australian Photovoltaic Installation Mapping page to get a complete idea about the percentage of dwellings with a PV system. For any location, you can zoom and click on the postcode to find out about the total photovoltaic capacity installed. Let us check for Keysborough.
  • Keysborough has an estimated number of 9646 dwellings with 2644 installations
  • The total installed capacity is 26.4%
  • The number of installations under 10kW is 2548
  • The number of installations from 10-100kW is 95
  • There is one installation over 100kW
  • The total PV potential on all roof types is 208362 kW
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