It’s time. You’re fed up with paying sky-high energy costs and have decided to join the millions of Australian’s generating free electricity from the sun.

Congratulations! This is a decision that can save you a substantial sum of money while benefiting the environment. What’s not to like?

But before you can benefit from lower energy bills, a solar panel company in Melbourne has to install the system on your roof. How long does that take?

Solar Panel Installation in Melbourne

While the average time it takes for a solar panel installation in Melbourne is between one and three days (depending on the size and complexity of your solar power solution), the process leading up to this moment can stretch to as much as three months.

To see why we’ve broken down the key steps below.

Step One: Finding a Quality Solar Panel Company in Melbourne

 Your solar system can give you free electricity for 20 to 25 years (maybe more, if you’re lucky). However, to do that it needs to have quality components and be installed by an expert team. As such, take your time and do your research on solar panel suppliers in Melbourne so you get the most out of your investment.

Always ask to see the installer’s Clean Energy Council accreditation before you sign on the dotted line. This accreditation:

  • Protects you from solar cowboys
  • Is a legal requirement for solar panel installation in Melbourne
  • Is necessary for the federal government to pay out its generous rebate

Your installer will also have to hold an unrestricted Class A Electrical Licence registered with Energy Safe Victoria to practice in the state.

Naturally, Crystal Solar Energy is a Clean Energy Council-approved retailer and installer.

Step Two: Gearing up for the Site Visit

 Solar panel solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all, as every person’s roof is different. Shadows cast by trees, poles, and walls can make a big impact on your solar system’s efficiency and your roof needs to be able to withstand the weight of all the equipment. As such, the solar panel company in Melbourne will pay a site visit to your home or business to work out what’s the best system design for you.

Step Three: Getting Permission to Connect  

Unless you’re going off-grid, solar panel installation in Melbourne needs the local electricity distributor’s permission before the system can connect to the grid. The solar power company will make the application on your behalf with approval coming through in approximately two to ten weeks.

Step Four: Ordering Solar Equipment  

Solar panel suppliers in Melbourne generally have the equipment they need on hand. But, if they don’t, this is when the installation team should order it in.

Step Five: Scheduling the Big Day

It’s getting close! But first, you need to pencil in a date for the installation. At Crystal Solar Energy, we’re proud of being one of the best solar power companies in Melbourne which puts the customer first. So we work with you to choose a convenient time that won’t mess up your day or force you to reschedule prior arrangements.

Step Six: Installing the Solar Power Solution  

 Your countdown to free energy is nearly over, with only two more steps until your system gets switched on. And the install is the biggie, requiring a team of professionals all working hard to get the panels sitting pretty on your roof and wired correctly.

 Step Seven: Connecting to the Grid

 Before your system can go live, an inspector will visit your home to check everything has been correctly installed and is safe to connect to the grid. Once the inspector gives their approval, you can sit back and enjoy all the free power your solar power solution is generating!

As you can see, the time it takes for a solar panel installation in Melbourne depends on several factors. And the best way to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible and doesn’t run into hiccups is by working with a trustworthy, reliable, and professional solar power company.

Want the best solar panel installation in Melbourne? Speak to the experts at Crystal Solar Energy today. As a Clean Energy Council accredited retailer and installer, you can be confident in the quality of our work and that your system will be safe, reliable, and meet your expectations. Call us on 1300 756 634, email or fill in this online form.