In a grid-connected solar power system, there is no need for battery storage. The grid itself acts as a large power reservoir.

When the solar system is generated more power than consumed, the excess gets fed to the grid. Later when the solar panel systems don’t generate enough electricity for consumption, the grid power can be used to compensate.

There are many reasons why a solar battery storage system makes sense even with a grid connection.

Reason #1: You may wish to store the surplus electricity generated for later use instead of sending it to the grid.

Ideally, a solar battery storage system makes an intuitive sense to store electricity to be used in the absence of direct solar power. In certain states of Australia, the payment received for sending excess solar power to the grid, outweigh the cost of the battery Now the trends are changing. Including a solar battery storage system makes sense for homeowners who’ll use the bulk of the solar power generated in the evening, thanks to the Battery.

Reason #2: Solar battery storage system offers a back up when the grid is down

A standalone solar PV system may not be able to power your entire home. Battery Storage in the form of a grid or actual battery will help tide you over the surplus or deficient power generated.

Adding a solar battery storage system will allow you to power your entire home in the case of a blackout or no grid electricity supply.

Reason #3: Use a solar battery storage system to use battery backup during the peak-tariff time.

If you are on the time-of-use tariffs, then it makes complete sense to use your battery power as arbitrage for peak-time grid electricity usage.

You could either use solar power to charge the battery or use grid power during standard tariff times to charge the battery for later use.

There are many advantages to using a solar battery storage system. The current subsidized rates for solar power installation by the state of Victoria, in addition to an affordable battery, make this solution plausible.

Robust Solar Battery Storage System for Melbourne Residences

Residential solar solutions need a different approach to system design. Large power consumption in residences occurs in the evening. Crystal Solar Energy provides analysis, design, advice on Solar PV + Battery Storage systems for residential applications. A properly analyzed and designed Solar PV+ Battery system can save between 73% & 92% off your electricity bills!

Most homes do not use much electricity during the day. The biggest consumption occurs in the evening. Such being the case, our philosophy is to maximize your gains using residential solar battery storage in Melbourne.

We offer Battery ready inverters so that you can add battery banks when you need one! A smart residential solar solution for the modern home, our residential solar power enables you to generate green and cheap electricity. If you are eager to power your home with clean energy, we have the perfect solutions for you.

Depending on the power supply you have, we can offer a single-phase inverter with battery storage or Three Phase Inverter for residential solar power with battery storage. A carefully designed and installed and configured battery storage will provide you with significant savings in your electricity bills.

We offer a range of battery storage solutions. Call us to discuss which home solar power system with battery storage will best suit your consumption profile