We want to start this guide by saying this – If you can afford to pay your electricity bills, you can afford to have commercial solar solutions for your business enterprise.

A commercial building, is active for most of the day, starting between 9 am and closing up at 5 pm or even beyond. This aligns with the availability of sunlight for harnessing commercial solar power for direct consumption.

It is due to this window that solar power systems are ideal for commercial purposes.

Here’s a guide to commercial solar power solutions:

1.There are Three Size Breakups for Commercial Solar Power:
a.Less than 30KW (<100 panels) – This capacity is similar to residential solar power solutions, and a domestic installer could also set up for your commercial solar power solutions. A 30KW system will generate about 1200kWh of electricity per day for a year (average). This easily can save up to $2000 per month when consumed completely.

b.30-100 KW – You need special permission to install from the DNSP, and a specialist commercial solar power installer is required for the job.

c.Over 100 KW: For this capacity, the solar power rebate(STC) is not applicable, but there are other subsidies that you can benefit from.

2.The Costs and Paybacks for Commercial Solar Power Solutions
Solar power for 30KW to 100KW will approximately cost you around $1200 per KW in Australia. For the power of 20-30 KW, the cost comes up to a low $700 per KW. Payback on the commercial solar power solutions can easily be achieved within the 5 years of incorporating it.

3.Enjoy the Commercial Solar Rebate – STC offered by the Government
In Australia, if your solar power capacity is between 30KW to 100KW, you are eligible for a financial incentive. The Australian Government provides subsidies under the STC program. You get paid by the solar power energy expected to be generated, that is about $550 per KW of power generated for the next 13 years (it tends to change by the state stipulation and market conditions)

This rebate is given as a point-of-sale discount on the time of commercial solar power quotes. If your business is quoted $30,000 for a 30KW system, then an STC rebate of $16500 would already have been applied.

4.Commercial Solar Power Solutions need not be Mounted on the Roof alone.

As the higher solar capacity goes, it requires the design of layout to arrange the panels. Weight is a consideration that has to be to factor for the safety of your building. Ground mounts for commercial solar power solutions are also available.

Practical and Efficient Commercial Solar Power Installation

Crystal Solar Energy has many Commercial Solar Power Installations in its portfolio. Designing a Commercial solar installation requires an in-depth understanding of the facility’s power consumption, such as peak power.

Commercial solar installations can see the benefit as soon as the installation and commissioning are complete. Key points to consider that provide long-lasting benefits for a commercial solar solution installation are;

  • A thorough analysis of the power consumption over 2 years or more
  • Design a Solar PV layout that will provide the best power generation
  • Select top-quality Solar Panels (ones tested and rated by PVEL)
  • Select Inverters of proven performance and warranty
  • Good commercial solar Installation practice

Our installation covers a range of industries such as Dairy farms, Dairy processing facilities, large printing businesses, large Cold storage facilities, Pet food manufacturers to name a few.

If you have been looking for a commercial solar power company, you can count on us for the best installation to get optimal returns. As specialists in our field, we have efficient and cost-saving energy solutions to cater to your precise needs. Contact us to find out more about commercial solar solutions that are right for you.