When Should You Install A 15kW Solar PV system?

When should you choose a solar PV of 15 kW capacity?

The answer lies in studying in detail your electricity consumption over a period – Interval data gives you 2 years of consumption over 30 minutes duration of each day. Crystal Solar Energy does a detailed analysis of the interval data using state of the art solar PV Software, will reveal the electricity consumed during 24-hour period and during the solar day. If your electricity consumption during the solar day is more than 50 kWh, we strongly recommend that you consider installing a 15 kW Solar PV System.

You also need to consider the roof space available, orientation, roof slope etc. This is where Crystal Solar Energy can provide detailed insight into how best to lay the solar panels and provide you the maximum electricity generation to cater to your peak electricity needs during solar day. We provide you detailed analysis, layout, estimated generation through each month of the year and of course, the savings you would make in installing such a system.

A well-engineered solar PV of this size can provide up to 92% of your electricity consumption during the solar day averaged through the year. Crystal Solar Energy’s advice to our customers is,” use the electricity generated for self-consumption. Try to minimise export which does not pay much Feed in Tariff”.

Other key parameters to know in looking for a PV system of this size are

  • Number of solar panels to be installed – typically you will be looking at 41 panels of 370-watt capacity.
  • Roof space required is approximately 85 to 95 Sq metres (without tilt frame)
  • If the roof has minimal slope, we advise the panels on tilt frame of 15 degrees. This will provide you optimal generation through the year.
  • If solar panels are to be installed in tilt frames due to low roof slope, the area required could be twice as shown above. Here again, Crystal Solar Energy will do detailed layout taking into consideration all roof penetrations, Air Conditioning equipment etc. Provide nominated clearances for access and maintenance for this equipment.
  • If the roof has a slope of 10 degrees, we recommend lay the panels at roof slope, the cost of installing solar panels on a tilt frame is more and is to be considered with the savings made through higher electricity generation. We consider all these parameters before we advise you the installation type.
  • How soon will you be paying off the solar PV installation cost? Here again, we advise you the estimated payback period through analysis.

Crystal Solar Energy value proposition

  • Advice – our advice is based on real data supplied to us. The multiple analyses we do to identify the best solution suited to you.
  • Offer the best solar panels made by market leaders. This gives you total peace of mind, considering that solar panels should perform well for 25 years (as guaranteed by the manufacturers)
  • Very reliable inverters made by reputable manufacturers. With our Engineering background, we analyse inverters and offer a choice of top-quality inverter to consider and choose from. Walk you through the steps of the pros and cons of each inverter e.g., Performance, price, warranty, efficiency etc.
  • Installation – A good solar PV system will provide you best results only if the installation is as good. We ensure that the installation is in strict conformance to Australian Standards applicable. This includes DC cables, AC Cables, Isolators and AC breakers etc.. Your Safety is never compromised.
  • Provide you finance options: i.e., your solar PV system is fully financed, and you do not have to pay any money upfront. You will enjoy the monthly payments which will be lower than your electricity bills you were paying prior to solar PV installation. You will be Cash Positive!
  • Provide you full documentation on Solar Panels, Inverters, Warranty Certificates.
  • Assist you with monitoring portal for the inverters. Walk you through the steps how to interpret the readings on the portal. You will be able to see the savings you make every day of the year! This is the fun time……….see your investment rewarding you!
  • After sales follow up and care.