This three storey house on Toorak Road, is a classic example to show how Solar PV + Battery storage can reduce the electricity bills. The customer has been paying over $800 over a 30 day billing period.

Crystal Solar Energy analysed the consumption pattern and advised a PV system and Battery storage. Since installation, the electricty bill has dropped so dramatically.

PV SYSTEM SIZE : 16.2 kW (36 x Longi Solar 430 Watt Solar Panels)

Inverters: 1 x GOOD WE 10KL ET (3Phase Hybrid Inverter) + 1 x Good We 5 SDT G2 3 PH Grid Inverter.
Battery Storage : 11.4 kWh BYD HVM Batteries

Average Daily Generation: 68 kWh

Average monthly bill (before solar PV + battery installation) -$824

Electricity Bill after Solar PV + Battery installation: $45.16 (94.4% reduction)